Ax with splitting wedge 2.0kg Dedra 13M809

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Siekiera Dedra 13M809

What is the splitting ax for?

The shape, weight and size of the ax parts determine its use. Among the axes available on the market, splitting  is one of the most specialized varieties. As the name says, a splitting ax is intended for splitting wood . Such an ax is used not only in home conditions, it is also a tool used professionally in many different industries, e.g. in agriculture, horticulture, forestry or construction. Each ax consists of two basic parts, a head and a shaft. And the head has a head (rear part), blade (crucial for the functionality of the ax) and ear (hole for the handle).

Siekiera Dedra 13M809

How is a splitting ax built?

Head in an ax to chop and split wood it's usually heavy. In some models, its weight can reach up to 4 kg. The handle in this ax is very long and straight. Thanks to this construction the head hits the wood at a slight angle, and this allows to split  even very hard material. The shape of the blade should be adapted to the task of splitting wood. The expanding head looks like a wedge. And thanks to this splitting wood  is much easier. Thanks to the ax with a wedge, even if we do not cut the wood to the end, it will be strongly extended sideways and will certainly break by itself due to internal tensions. Ax with wedge  for splitting Dedra 13M809  has a long, strong beech handle and a two-kilo head.

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