Ax with wedge, 1.5kg, fiberglass handle Dedra 13M818

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The wedge is not always the medicine on the second day, sometimes the wedge is part of the ax

Choosing an ax is not a simple matter

Probably many of you will tap on the head significantly reading that  ax selection  can be something complicated. But those who knock probably never faced such a choice. Introducing them to the topic I will say: ax divided into: camping, tourist, carpentry, hatchets, splitting,  grubbers, merlins, axes with hoofs, double-sided axes and finally universal. Not only that, my dear ax, it is not only a handle, a blade and a bruise, but also a bonnet, ear, cheek, face and foot. Since some people's jaws have dropped, I can advise you on what to look for when buying an ax for yourself, the most important thing is what kind of work will be done with it, the user's height and type of wood that we will chop.
Siekiera Dedra 13M818

What ax to choose. Chopping and splitting axes.

Where the wood is chopping, there will be a bonfire.  Although our modern axes differ in appearance from their first ancestors, the purpose of these axes has been the same. Well, except maybe for the executioner ax. For over fourteen thousand years, the ax has been accompanying us on construction sites, carpentry workshops or in the household. Sometimes it is used incorrectly and then we read about it in the newspapers, but usually it serves us where it should. More often instead of a wooden handle the axes have plastic shafts , which is much more resistant to weather conditions, is lighter and more comfortable to hold. Our hatchet has such a handle, a  the head expands from the blade  towards the bonnet (that's the part near the face) and reminds you wedge, which facilitates splitting not completely cut wood.


Weight of the beginning:1,5kg

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