Spotlight ART LED 50W (500W) 4000K white light

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50W ART LED floodlight - high quality, durability and reliable operation

The ART reflector is a device with a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. This means that it will effectively illuminate external areas even for many years. This is possible, among others, by:

High-quality 50 W LED lamps made in COB technology.

Solid, waterproof housing that protects the device against the harmful effects of weather conditions and mechanical damage.

Saving money and the environment

Reflektor LED 50W (500W) 6500K, światło białe zimne

In addition to the fact that the ART floodlight can last up to 50,000 hours, it is also distinguished by:

Low heat emission.

Low power consumption.

No UV (ultraviolet) and IV (infrared) radiation.

Degree of protection PP65.

High power white neutral lighting

The ART reflector is a product that gives light a white color and a neutral shade (light color 4,000 K).

The luminous flux is high, as it reaches 3,000 lumens. This allows for accurate and clear lighting of even the darkest outdoor spaces.

The beam angle of the device is 120 degrees.

Reflektor LED 50W (500W) 6500K, światło białe zimne

Other technical parameters:

- Manufacturer: ART
 - Manufacturer's symbol / designation: 4102120
 - Voltage: AC 80-265 V
 - Lamp width (mm): 287
 - Lamp height (mm): 234
 - Lamp depth (mm): 170

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