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Not all rectifiers are the same

Prostownik akumulatorowy z rozruchem Powermat PM-CD-50RWP

What does it mean that the rectifier is starting?

Rectifier with start up is the so-called starter. Suitable for charging acid batteries  12 and 24 volts. Has an additional boot function. batteries  they are charged with 60 amps, and they start at 400 amps. Such a device is usually quite heavy and most often found in car workshops. It is compatible with all engines with 12V or 24V installations that do not have contraindications to the use of starting devices. Such rectifier is sometimes the last salvation for people living in homes outside the city and not able to connect to the neighbor's car and quickly start the engine. these starters they also work well with other types of machines, e.g. on a farm.

Prostownik Powermat PM-CD-50RWP widok z tyłu

Which charger should I choose?

Rectifiers with start up  they usually have a 12 / 24V charging mode switch, several-stage charging current control, charging current meter and a housing with an appropriate degree of protection. Complete with the newly purchased rectifier, there must be cables connecting it to the battery and the instruction manual.

 The most important parameters of such a device are:

 supply voltage
 maximum power consumption
 charging voltage
 charging current
 starting current
 minimum and maximum battery capacity
 number of charging stages

Przewody prostownika PM-CD-50RWP

 High-quality  automatic and precise battery charger  POWERMAT PM-CD-50RWP will work well in professional services, in car workshops and in home garages. The device can be charged with 12V and 24V. It has engine start function  petrol and diesel operated by remote control. For batteries with a larger capacity, we can activate the fast charging function. Built-in ammeter  will show us the battery level. The rectifier has two PLUS 12v and 24v current connections, a 50A fuse and a permanently mounted negative wire. Powermat rectifier  has a large possibility of configuring the load volume and the start function. A two-meter cable with a remote control makes it easier to start the car, the current is supplied only after starting the rectifier remote. Copper alligator guarantees the highest level of current flow without any losses. The metal housing of the device has a lot of holes, thanks to which the device is well ventilated and cooled during operation.

Powermat PM-CD-50RWP rozrusznik i prostownik

 "-" cable; "+"
 pilot boot on the cable
 user manual

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