2MPix 2.8mm Hikvision DS-2CD2120F-I dome IP camera

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Kamera IP DS-2CD2120F-I

Which cameras are the best for monitoring?

Monitoring system  it must first and foremost be an effective action, one that will effectively protect our property. It also has to provide us with extensive expansion opportunities, because it is difficult to predict what actions we will need in the future. N o and of course the use of modern boosting technologies security levels . And they provide just such a range of possibilities IP cameras , they give us a modern and efficient monitoring system. And most importantly, their way of operation means that we can control this system even when it is far from the monitored area.

Kamera IP DS-2CD2120F-I

How does an IP camera work?

IP cameras  they are so effective and efficient because it results from their construction and mode of operation. They are integrated with special web servers. Camera simultaneously captures the image  and sends it in the form of packets using a computer network. We can control it through the software, but also using a regular web browser. DS-2CD2120F-I camera  is a great solution for installations where the main requirement is high resolution image , generated both day and night. The camera copes well with a wide observation plan, even in those with variable lighting conditions. Hikvision IP camera  allows you to optimally configure the image parameters for the observed scene. It has an SD card slot up to 64gb. 2Mpix image resolution (1920x1080), which allows you to get a high resolution image with details almost six times higher compared to analog cameras (4CIF).

Kamera IP DS-2CD2120F-I

What characterizes the Hikvision IP Camera?

this the camcorder works in dual mode  i.e. day and night, which allows for correct color reproduction in good daylight conditions, as well as maximum use camera sensitivity  in low-light conditions. The IR lamp used in the camera allows you to illuminate the infrared scene at night. And in the case when we do not want or cannot use infrared, the camera will allow us to increase the gain or integration of frames (extending the exposure time) The camera has IK10 classification . IK is a mechanical strength classification, the designation consists of the letters IK and two digits - on an 11-point scale (from "00" to "10"). The higher the numeric value of the IK parameter, the better the level of mechanical strength.

Kamera IP DS-2CD2120F-I

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