Plaster PM-DG-1400L gypsum, finishing, plaster grinding machine


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Plaster sanding is a hard job

Szlifierka do gipsu Powermat PM-DG-1400L

We buy the best plaster sander

Gypsum may not be very hard, but during it  grinding  there are so much dust that it is difficult to get rid of it and it makes the job much more difficult. That is why it is good to stock yourself with a high quality and durable tool that will be able to do this job quickly and trouble-free. And here the question arises what a sander for plaster  will be the best? The best grinder  it's definitely the one that will provide us  dust-free sanding .

Szlifierka do gipsu Powermat PM-DG-1400L

Powermat PM-DG-1400L  is such a grinder that will please every professional. It's comfortable with a dust extraction mechanism grinder . Efficiently will remove gypsum dust which settles everywhere and which is difficult to get rid of.

Szlifierka do gipsu Powermat PM-DG-1400L

Powermat PM-DG-1400L is one of the better grinders on the market

Powermat dustless grinder model PM-DG-1400L is intended for sanding plasters and gypsum finish . It has a short handle and an additional handle, which enables precise grinding. The drive from the engine is transmitted through the transmission, without unnecessary drive lines. The grinder has LED backlight around the disc, which illuminates the working area perfectly.  Dust extraction system is adapted to work with an industrial vacuum cleaner, the device is equipped with a dust collection bag and a hose that allows connection to a vacuum cleaner.

Szlifierka do gipsu Powermat PM-DG-1400L

 Dedusting system  has suction power control, which is a rare feature in this type of equipment. Sanding sheets with holes , it's better dust removal. The engine speed control function means better speed matching disc for ground material.

Szlifierka do gipsu Powermat PM-DG-1400L

 The device uses a smooth start system, thanks to which the device does not start at full speed. Grinder handles are covered with a non-slip rubber coating, increasing comfort and precision when working with the device.

Szlifierka do gipsu Powermat PM-DG-1400L


 Dust extraction hose
 Sandpaper -2x150, 2 x 180, 2x 240
 Allen key
 Spare brushes
 User manual


Diameter:190mm sandpaper, 32mm hose
Lighting:work surface - LED 360 degrees
Power:230V / 50Hz
Protection class: II
Turnover: without load: 1200-2300 / min
Warranty:24 months for consumers, 12 months for companies

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