MOSER Precision Lithium Nose and ear trimmer

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Have you already had a tweezers fight with unnecessary hair?

Trymer Moser Precision Lithium

Hair grows the fastest where we don't want them at all

Nose and ear hair  for some it is a touchy and embarrassing topic. Some people struggle with it every day, others pretend they are not affected. Since you are here, it means that you belong to the first group and not to those who think that some hair here or there does not bother anyone. A real man in his beautician ... (Yes, there is such a thing as a male beautician), he should have trimmer. Painless hair removal from nose and ears has become a fact. Pulling out hurts and does more harm than good, cutting with scissors can be fatal. And this device will quietly, quickly and painlessly help you win the war with those intrusive scary ladies who are close to your male face.

Trymer Moser Precision Lithium

Shaving with the trimmer is convenient and safe

A shaved smooth face and a delicate scent of shaving water are not enough. So what  smoothness of the cheeks  it encourages touch, since the fluff coming out of the nose or ear will stop the speeding hand stroking the hand in a second. Dear gentlemen, take your word for it, shaving  with the trimmer  does not hurt or irritate the mucosa. Tiny, neat and clever, just turn it on, set it in position and start shaving. Together with the trimmer you will also find a set  eyebrow cap (few who like eyebrows a la Brezhnev).
MOSER Precision Lithium Trimmer is compact, made of anodized (higher hardness and corrosion resistance) black aluminum. Powered by AAA battery

Trymer Moser Precision Lithium

 Set contains:
 Trimmer 5640.1801
 Linear blade
 Round blade
 Eyebrow attachment
 Protective cap on the blade
 AAA lithium battery
 User manual
 Receipt or fv (warranty basis)

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