Antenna power supply BLOW 17704 Adjustable, stabilized


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The BLOW stabilized power supply is used to power the antenna amplifiers through the coaxial cable that supplies the signal from the amplifier output to the OTV antenna input. This is possible thanks to the use of a power splitter located in the coaxial plug with which the power supply is equipped.

Zasilacz antenowy BLOW

 The BLOW power supply is designed for continuous operation. After installing the coaxial cable to the splitter and turning on the power to the socket, it may remain in the switched-on state. The correct operation of the PSU will be indicated by lighting of the control diode on the housing. in the event of a faulty connection of the coaxial cable to the splitter or amplifier output (braid and internal cable short-circuit) the control diode does not light. The power supply has a smooth adjustment of the output voltage, which allows you to change the gain of the antenna amplifier.

Zasilacz antenowy BLOW


Input voltage: variable: 230V, 50Hz
Maximum load current:100mA
Output voltage:DC 4-14V
Voltage adjustment range:4-14V

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