Car radio Grundig GX-30 USB, SD, AUX, RDS

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 After years of absence, the Grundig brand is again on the Polish car audio market.

 The GX-30 model, thanks to the well-known brand, solid and very transparent construction, advanced technology, functionality and very affordable price, can be quite successful on the difficult Polish market. Grundig is a brand that Poles have known for years and value for reliability and German quality.

Grundig GX-30

 GX-30 is a device offering a high class AM / FM tuner with RDS function. Thanks to this function, the radio stations will not disappear while traveling and additional information about the music being played will appear on the screen. RDS offers a set of standard functions related to information about the radio station being heard, alternative frequency search (AF), driver services (TA), program type selection (PTY) and the ability to set the clock according to the signal from the radio station (CT).

Grundig GX-30

 The GX-30 also offers the ability to read music files from USB and SD memory sticks and via the AUX mini-jack input from any music player equipped with a headphone output. A phone or smartphone connected to the Grundig GX-30 can be a source of your favorite music, providing entertainment for many hours in the car - you can put up to 65535 MP3 or WM files on a USB / SD memory stick. An additional advantage of the USB port is the ability to charge even the latest Android or iPhone smartphones (1A).

 The GX-30 allows you to connect 2 pairs of speakers (front / rear) to which up to 40W of power will be delivered per channel, guaranteeing a perfect hearing experience. In addition, the 2-channel RCA output allows you to connect external amplifiers - with this configuration you can connect e.g. a subwoofer or additional speakers. Thanks to the rich regulation, the driver can adjust all sound parameters to his taste using the Bass / Treble adjustment, X-Bass bass boost and seven-band equalizer.

Grundig GX-30

 An unprecedented feature in this price segment of car stereos is the ability to select the listening zone. It is a function of time delay of individual speakers, thanks to which it is possible to ensure perfect listening conditions for the front seat on the left, right side or averaged values ​​for both front seats.

 The GX-30 has a clear white LCD display with information on selected functions. The set includes a case for storing the panel. The device is additionally characterized by a small installation depth of only 11 cm, which will certainly contribute to the ease of installation in various types of vehicles.

Grundig GX-30

 Technical data:
 - Bluetooth specification: V 4.0 with NFC (Near Field Communication)
 - 2.4 GHz Spectrum frequency range
 - Universal function button for: pairing, receiving a call,
 reject call, turn on / off, redial last number, activate by voice
 - Battery: Li-Ion 3.7 V 500mAh, rechargeable, replaceable
 - Weight: ~ 60 g
 - Dimensions: 107 x 48 x 15 mm (LxWxH)
 - Talk time: up to 15 hours
 - Standby mode: up to 500 hours

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Grundig GX-30

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