Jug Brita Marella XL white with Maxtra filter

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Dzbanek Brita Marella XL biały filtr Maxtra

 All colored jug filter elements, except the lid, are transparent, thanks to which the water gains a slight glow. All models look beautiful. At the same time, the patented MAXTRA filtration technology quickly and easily reduces scale and impurities that adversely affect the taste of drinking water.

Dzbanek Brita Marella XL zdjęcia z kuchni

 Here we sell a jug with a white lid and a Maxtra filter included

Dzbanek Brita Marella XL wskaźnik LCD wymiany filtra

 Rediscover the taste of hot and cold drinks. Remember to rest and hydrate your body properly, while caring for the environment.

 BRITA's unique filtration technology ensures the best quality drinking water. The filtration process, by reducing scale build-up, protects household appliances used to heat drinking water. Also impurities that negatively affect the taste of water, e.g. chlorine and metals, such as lead or copper, which are often found in plumbing, are eliminated.

Biały dzbanek Brita Marella XL wskaźnik LCD z filtrem Maxtra

 Savor the excellent taste of your water, bringing out the full aroma of coffee and tea.

 - MAXTRA filter technology provides soft, great-tasting water.
 - The lid with the hinged water filler flap enables filling the jug with one hand.
 - The BRITA Memo electronic indicator informs you that the cartridge needs to be replaced.

Opakowanie dzbanka Brita Marella XL

 Dimensions: 3.5 liters (2.0 liters of filtered water): 25.6 x 25.8 x 14.7 cm

 On sale we have replaceable jug filters (one included).

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