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Crystal Biały

Dzbanek Dafi Crystal 2L

Crystal jug is a functional table decoration, combines the advantages of filtration and elegant serving of your favorite drinks. It can be used as a stylish carafe. Made of high quality glass, with particular attention to ergonomics. The jug is equipped with a legible LED sensor that will remind you when to replace the filter.

Dzbanek Dafi z wskaźnikiem filtra

 With each jug you will receive a Dafi Standard filter that cleans tap water and protects the kettle from scale.

Filtr Dafi Standard

Dafi dzbanek filtrujący wodę Crystal 2L BIAŁY widok z góry

Bądź eko, filtruj wodę

 The free Classic filter included in the kit removes:
 - chlorine
 - herbicides
 - pesticides
 - heavy metals
 - organic pollutants

Szklany dzbanek filtrujący Dafi + filtr

 Please check the contents of the package by courier. We do not refund money for a beaten jug if this has not been confirmed by the courier's protocol when collecting the package.


Capacity:2.0 l filtered water: 1.0 l
Execution:A tank for filtered water made of high quality glass
Filter:Classic (included)
Performance: filter: approx. 100-150 l of water (depending on its quality)

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