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Do you have a Tessa TSA3020 slicer? Do you need a set of graters for it?

Those who already have at home shredder  they know that it is irreplaceable equipment. Nobody chops up like this, cuts or cuts like this electric chopper . Smooth slices, straight bars or small transparent slices, all worth displaying on your table. This is extraordinary convenience, especially with a larger amount tarkowania . Without wasting time and without the risk of skin peeling when manually grinding, quickly and easily. At a rapid pace raw potatoes for pancakes, raw vegetables for Greek sauce, or evenly chopped cucumbers for cucumber salad.

Zestaw tarek to szatkownicy TEESA TSA3020

Interchangeable grater Tessa. Forewarned is forearmed

Without such replaceable graters, your slicer will be of no use to you. They do all the shredding work. With one device, which is the Tessa slicer, you can easily and without the risk of injury wipe the vegetables  or cut them into slices and bars of different sizes. Including set of grater for grater  there are five graters;  Slicing grater . chopping board into bars , grater for thinning into thin slices,  for cutting thin posts and for wiping. Thanks to these elements Tessa's chopper  is such a multifunctional device. Whatever knife work you have, the shredder will do the trick for you. The graters are quick to assemble, perfect cut and can be easily cleaned and all this makes the Tessa slicer a permanent element of equipment in your kitchen.


Equipment:Slicing grater into slices, into thin slices, into thin slices, to wipe

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