Box power supply 12V 4x1A ZK-65


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The power supply has an aesthetic, solidly made metal casing and is used to supply 4 cameras with max. load on each output 1A.

Zasilacz skrzynkowy 12V 4x1A ZK-65
 The power supply is dedicated to small monitoring installations using a standard digital recorder. Provides the user with control over every camera circuit. Additionally, it is equipped with a filter protecting against overvoltage and short circuit on a single camera line. Each of the 9 outputs has been enriched with a signaling diode, the system input is also monitored by traffic lights. In addition to traffic lights, there is also a relay signaling (no network) that can be connected to the control / alarm control panel. The unquestionable advantage of the power supply is its very high reliability. The estimated time of failure-free operation is over 300,000 hours.

Zasilacz skrzynkowy 12V 4x1A ZK-65

 Warning! If the power supply is designed for continuous operation (24H), the rated current of the power supply should not exceed 80% of the maximum current. Pay special attention to the proper cooling of the power supply during operation!


Alarms:Light signaling of each of the 9 outputs, light signaling + input relay signaling
Dimensions:185 x 175 x 75 mm
Maximum values cold star:Cold start 20A / 115Vac, 40A / 230Vac
Number of outputs:4
Output voltage range:11.4 ... 13.2 V
Overload protection:105% of maximum output power; Type of protection: cut-off voltage at the output, voltage recovery occurs after the overload stops
Overvoltage protection:115% ... 135% of maximum output voltage
Output voltage tolerance:+/- 2%
Output current:0 ... 6 A
Output voltage:12 V.
Output power:65 watts
Pulse and noise:100m Vp-p
Protection class:Class I
Power frequency frequency:47 ... 57 Hz
Storage temperature:-20 ° C ... 85 ° C
Suggested network security:Class B or C protection delayed
Stabilization from network changes:+/- 1%
Stabilization from changes in load:+/- 2%
Weight:1 kg
Working temperature:0 ° C ... 50 ° C

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