Electric brush G3 15125 Kaśka vacuum cleaner

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The Verk G3 electric brush is a modern vacuum cleaner

Szczotka elektryczna typu "Kaśka"

What is the biggest plus of cordless vacuum cleaners?

The biggest  plus of battery brushes  there is, as the name says, no power cable. With this brush we will enter every room without being limited by the distance from the socket. Another plus is the willingness to operate such equipment.

Szczotka elektryczna z łamaną rączką

 You can reach for it anytime, anywhere. It's extremely convenient when you need to quickly clean up a small piece of floor, e.g. spill sugar. It's like operating ordinary sweeping brush only without the scoop and bending over. If you are looking for a quick, easy and trouble-free way to clean your home, you should definitely think about buying such a sweeping brush.

Swivel Sweeper G3 szczotka akumulatorowa

Can you clean the whole house in one go with the battery brush?

If you buy a brush like this one Swivel Sweeper G3 working on one top-up for about 30 minutes, you can dust 100 meters of the flat. Extremely comfortable with a high handle, at which there is no tiring bending. And the flexible joint will allow the brush to run even under very low furniture. The two flexible rollers in the tip will thoroughly collect all dirt from the floors.

Szczotka elektryczna Swivel Sweeper G3

 The product is light and handy, and extremely functional. Regardless of the type of surface, it works the same everywhere, regardless of whether it is terracotta, carpet, oak parquet or e.g. vinyl.

Zdjecie opakowania Swivel Sweeper G3

 It won't scratch any surface, a dust everything off  while being extremely quiet equipment.

Szczotka Swivel Sweeper G3 zdjęcia szczegółowe

 Set contains:
 - Battery operated vacuum cleaner
 - Battery charger
 - Illustrated device assembly instructions - Polish
 - The whole is packed in a solid and aesthetic box
 - VAT invoice or receipt

W opakowaniu Swivel Sweeper G3


Construction:foldable, wireless
Dimension:vacuuming part: 14.5cm x 29cm x 4.5cm
Function:hand brush, electric brush
Length: handle: approximately 117cm

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