VAG506M PL Diagnostic scanner Audi, Skoda, Seat, VW

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scanner Mini VAG506  is an independent device intended for comprehensive and professional diagnostics of group cars VAG .

Skaner diagnostyczny VAG506 PL

 It is an alternative to a professional service device, e.g. VAG5053 or U600. It diagnoses cars with a connector OBD2 . It also supports cars from line K  digital bus CAN  and UDS . It is intended for every car owner and workshop. It is very easy to use.

 Model 506 compared to the old version of the 505 or 505A scanner, has several additional functions and improved communication, also has the latest software in the full Polish language version!

Skaner diagnostyczny VAG506 PL

 VW, SEAT, SKODA, AUDI up to 2015 !!
 K line - 1992-2004
 CAN - 2004-2008
 UDS - 2008-2015

 It allows you to carry out any service:
 READING / CLEARING ERRORS, PARAMETERS, CODING, ADAPTATIONS Allows reversing the parking brake (releasing the calipers).

Skaner diagnostyczny VAG506 PL

 The scanner supports all modules present in the VAG group:

Skaner diagnostyczny VAG506 PL
Skaner diagnostyczny VAG506 PL

 - Driver information
 - Reading fault codes
 - Deleting fault codes
 - Reading of measuring blocks (live data)
 - Basic settings
 - Adaptations
 - Actuators test
 - Module coding
 - Deleting an inspection
 - Retracting calipers for changing brake pads
 - Throttle adaptation
 - Adding keys
 - And many others

 The tester has the latest version of the software in the Polish language. The tester can be updated via USB. We attach a fv or receipt for each shipment (warranty basis).

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