RGB rotating DISCO projector

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Get the party going

Projektor DISCO obrotowy RGB

How to diversify a dance party? It's easy with a disco projector

If you are planning a house party or organizing it a bigger dance party  or you have a child who loves to dance , then this gadget will be a great purchase. Imagine the surprise of guests who enter a regular room, and who after a second can change into  disco dance hall . Extremely simple, small and inexpensive device, and will make you the king of events. There will be no more boring dance with dimmed lights, but extra  party in a firework of colors.

Projektor DISCO obrotowy RGB

 Make up your mind now, because the carnival is coming fast and you may miss this amazing one  laser projector

Projektor DISCO obrotowy RGB

Does such a disco projector have any additional functions?

Disco projector that we have on offer not only shines but also has a built-in sound sensor  and thanks to that adjusts the light to the rhythm of the music . In addition, the projector is vertically adjustable and can be mounted in different places. RGB rotating disco projector  LED, has three built-in LEDs - green, red and blue. They cause an unforgettable lighting experience, just like from a disco. The best effect is achieved in a dark room.

Projektor DISCO obrotowy RGB

 We recommend for DJs, music bands, pubs, clubs, for home parties  and wherever you want.

Projektor DISCO obrotowy RGB

Fv or receipt included (warranty basis).

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