Remote controlled Buggy R / C 1:18 car

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Buggy R/C 1:18

Such a racing car will be big and small

Which boy does not dream to stay  racing driver ? And who doesn't like playing with racing cars? Toy cars have always been the best toys in childhood, racing on tracks drawn on asphalt or on cards torn from a block, building obstacle courses throughout the apartment. A loud drone and imitation of the screech of tires and the sounds of horns. We all remember the time of play resorakami and now we can  play with remote-controlled cars . Such a gift will please not only the child, but surely and many adults willingly will play races  with a car like this-Buggy model R / C.

Buggy R/C 1:18

The Buggy 1:18 race car is a dream gift for a child

Auto Buggy , is an R / C model with flexible and cushioned suspension.  Toy car  it has a rear spoiler, which gives it a distinct sporty look, rear-wheel drive means more vigorous driving, and front wheel adjustment means full control over the vehicle. Studded rubber tires will overcome any obstacle in their path.

Buggy R/C 1:18

Buggy cars  come in two colors visible in the picture below. We send cars randomly.

Buggy R/C 1:18

 The car is powered by a rechargeable battery  and radio-controlled.

Buggy R/C 1:18


Dimension:23cm x 13.5cm x 9cm
Power:an accumulator

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