DVB-T Blow ATS13 car antenna active

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Mobile digital terrestrial TV antenna for cars, camping, etc.

Blow ATS13 Samochodowa antena DVB-T

 The new series of BLOW antennas is equipped with an LTE filter that allows you to eliminate interference from digital terrestrial television signals coming from transmitters or devices using LTE technology. This is ensured by the SMT 4G PROTECT system that effectively protects against interference.

Blow ATS13 Samochodowa antena DVB-T

 The presence of LTE transmission at 800 MHz may negatively affect the quality of the DVB-T signal through too strong a signal, causing interference and interfering with the proper reception of digital terrestrial television. In such conditions, individual incorrect pixels will appear on the TV screen, or distortions of a significant part of the picture and sound. The stronger the noise, the more often the image will become "frozen" or even completely disappear from the screen of the receiver. These types of problems will appear suddenly, even with a slight deterioration of the DVB-T signal reception conditions.

 With interference from the LTE 800 MHZ network, we can quite effectively fight using the so-called LTE filters. Such a filter effectively suppresses the frequency signal from 790 MHZ to 862 MHZ, i.e. the full range in which LTE 800 MHZ falls. A better solution is to use external directional antennas with a built-in LTE filter.

Blow ATS13 Samochodowa antena DVB-T

 - Compact housing
 - Ultrasonic welding, full water tightness
 - SMT circuit, specially for receiving digital HD TV
 - Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
 - Magnetic holder
 - Can be used in vehicles
 - Input voltage: DC 12 ~ 24V
 - Range: FM / VHF
 - Frequency range: 170-790 MHz
 - FM gain: 30 dB
 - Resistance: 75 Ohm
 - Rotation: 90 degrees
 - Size: 590x65x95mm

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