CSQ1301 dehumidifier, moisture absorber


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Too dry, not good. Too wet, too bad. Bring balance to your surroundings

Osuszacz powietrza, pochłaniacz wilgoci

An air dryer will help you maintain optimal humidity in your home

The humidity in the apartments is too high  it's not a very friendly environment for us, it's perfect for various mites, fungi and molds. They cause various diseases, including asthma. That's why it's good to have at home dehumidifier . they reduce humidity  condensing water vapor and draining it into the container.

Osuszacz powietrza, pochłaniacz wilgoci

 Even if you live in a dry apartment where there is not too much humidity, still  investment in a dehumidifier  will bring measurable benefits. Just think  how much water vapor is generated when drying laundry or cooking food. And with small renovations, great  will accelerate plaster drying  or paint.

Osuszacz powietrza, pochłaniacz wilgoci

A good dehumidifier is a quiet dehumidifier

Dryer that we offer to you today works on Peltier technology . All drying process  is the use of temperature difference. The air passes between two plates, cold and hot, the temperature difference causes the water to condense, which is discharged into the container. The container is enough to empty and this is all our work, without buying refills and powders. Practically maintenance-free dryer . And an additional one  advantage of these moisture absorbers  is quiet operation and low energy consumption.

Osuszacz powietrza, pochłaniacz wilgoci

Osuszacz powietrza, pochłaniacz wilgoci


Dimension:15.4x13x21.8 cm
Power:9V DC / 2.5A
Performance:300ml / day
Power consumption:25W
Tank capacity:500ml
Tension:100-240V 50 / 60Hz

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