Maclean MCTV-995A Lte DVB-T antenna + amplifier

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Built-in LTE 4G interference suppression filter allows you to get rid of problems with the DVB-T signal caused by the fact that the LTE wireless internet frequencies are also the frequencies used by terrestrial television. In this case, overlapping of the most important frequencies may occur and lead to signal problems, significant interference and even limitation of the DVB-T signal. This filter reduces interference generated by, among others mobile phones and 4G networks and allows full reception of the DVB-T signal without interference.

Maclean MCTV-995 Lte

 High quality Maclean MCTV-995A TV antenna. Specially designed for digital reception from terrestrial DVB-T multiplexes in the UHF band. The antenna in the folded version fits in a small box, yet unfolding the antenna is very fast for about 60 seconds.

 Advantages of the antenna:
 Has undergone detailed tests: wind, rain, snow, temp
 Receives both analog and digital terrestrial signal (DvB-T)
 A waterproof container with a symmetriser ended with a F plug
 Aluminum components resistant to corrosion
 Quick assembly without tools in 60 seconds
 Very comfortable and ready for installation
Maclean MCTV-995 Lte

 Maclean MCTV-995A is a professional antenna designed to receive both DVB-T digital signal broadcast from terrestrial transmitters and analog signal, working in the UHF band (channels 21-60). Maclean MCTV-995A is also recommended for receiving programs in DTT / HDTV systems. Professional, solid performance of the antenna guarantees the reception of programs in the highest quality. Antenna parts made of aluminum, metal construction parts galvanized.

Maclean MCTV-995 Lte

 Technical Specifications:
 Frequency: 470-790Mhz
 Channels: 21-60
 Impedance: 75Ohm
 Gain: 10-15dB
 Built-in LTE filter
 Radiation ratio front - back: 43dB
 Beam width: H32 ° / V35 °
 Antenna length: 780mm
 Number of elements: 29
 Built-in amplifier:
 Frequency range: 470-790MHz
 Gain: 10dB (20-23dB set)
 Max. output level: 100dBµV
 Voltage: 5V

 The plastic used in the antenna is resistant to UV radiation, extreme temperatures and humidity. Thanks to it, the antenna is lightweight, resistant to strong winds, simply reliable. Thanks to its construction (Yagi construction), the antenna has a particularly high gain.

Maclean MCTV-995 Lte

 Set contains:
 Directional antenna MCTV-995A Lte
 Built-in amplifier
 F plug and rubber cover
 Installation instructions in Polish
 Fv or receipt (basis for warranty)
 Original packaging

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