5GHz omnidirectional antenna Cyberbajt GrandEter 11 V

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Professional omnidirectional antenna designed for the construction of 5GHz base stations operating in vertical polarization.

Antena 5GHz GrandEter 11 V

 Omnidirectional antenna with 11 dBi gain operating in vertical polarization, designed to work in the 5 GHz band. It has very good electrical parameters and a modern, light and resistant construction.

Antena 5GHz GrandEter 11 V

 The use of the highest quality low-loss Teflon laminate, on the basis of which the antenna radiator is made, ensures a perfect match to the operating frequency in the wide band: 5100 - 5800 MHz while maintaining the VSWR coefficient below 1.5. At the same time, the antenna has an electrical short circuit to prevent induction of direct current at the antenna output during lightning strikes, thus protecting the device connected to the antenna.

 Thanks to the moderate gain (max 11.3 dBi for f = 5.65 GHz), the antenna allows the construction of efficiently operating medium-range 5 GHz base stations avoiding / minimizing interference in locations where there are a large number of other wireless networks.

Antena 5GHz GrandEter 11 V

 The matrix of the radiators was additionally painted and placed under a cover of very durable and low-damping plastic. This protects the antenna against the effects of weather conditions and guarantees durability and stability of parameters during operation.

 The solid handle together with the u-bolt attached to the antenna ensures stability and high resistance to wind.
Antena 5GHz GrandEter 11 V

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