The Eldom G50 cordless razor

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Do not litter the environment, stop using disposables

Maszynka do golenia Eldom G50

A real man only uses an electric razor

The time has come when you have had enough of buying still and disposable? Are you fed up with jamming during a hurry, early shave? Be sure to buy an electric razor. There will be no more painful jamming, you will not have to remember to visit the store to buy a new disposable, and for that, your face will be fresh and smoothly shaved. No more dirty sink, no more tiring soap on the face and irritated, reddened skin. The Eldom G50 razor is not only a pleasant and fast shave, it also saves you money and time that you can spend for a leisurely breakfast and a morning dose of caffeine.

Pięć głowic golarki Eldom G50

Eldom G50 is a razor with up to 5 cutting heads!

Electric razors differ in the use of different technologies. Shavers are foil, head and trimmer. An electric shaver head like the Eldom G50 is made of cutting heads, these heads shaving exactly and in each direction, adjusting to the shape of the face. Eldom G50 has five such heads. The trimmer, as one of the functions of this shaver, helps to even out facial hair and sideburns. The machine is powered from the mains and from the battery. Due to the fact that the heads can be washed under running water, the razor is easy to keep it clean.

Golarka G50 ELDOM w opakowaniu
 - Eldom G50 shaver
 - Charger
 - Brush
 - Pouch pouch
 - Instructions PL
 - Warranty PL
 - Fv or receipt

 - authorized service points
 - 5 blades
 - ergonomic design
 - 3W power
 - trimmer
 - weight 0.25 kg.
 - charging and operating indicators
 - compact shaving head

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