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High class wireless alarm system, built on the latest processor and GSM module.

Alarm bezprzewodowy GSM10A

 Support for up to 6 wireless and 4 wired zones. Very simple pairing system for wireless detectors.

 Thanks to the built-in GSM module, you can receive alarm messages in the form of a voice message or SMS. Possibility of remote alarm management (arming / disarming) using the APP application or SMS comments.

Alarm bezprzewodowy GSM10A

 Many configuration options. E.g. Possibility to set up to 6 telephone numbers and 3 SMS and to set up to 3 periods of arming / disarming.

 Possibility of remote control of up to 2 additional home appliances on and off. Possibility to connect an additional wireless siren.

Alarm bezprzewodowy GSM10A

 Voice commands in Polish. Simple SIM card installation.

Alarm bezprzewodowy GSM10A

 Basic functions:

 - 4 wired and 6 wireless protection zones;
 - possibility of connecting many types of wireless sensors;
 - six voice phones and three SMS numbers can be programmed and saved;
 - remote two-way intercom, built-in intercom speaker;
 - remote programming and telephone control;
 - remote arm / disarm the main panel by telephone;
 - emergency SMS can be changed;
 - 3 groups of temporary arming and disarmament;
 - you can connect a wireless siren (option);
 - 10-second automatic message recording;
 - embedded messages in English;
 - easy blocking and cleaning of memory;
 - quick arming function: Out Arm, Home Arm, Remote Arm;
 - intelligent system for easy coding / pairing of additional accessories;
 - arming, disarming, monitoring, calling by intercom remotely;
 - programming partition functions - real, delayed, 24 hours, bypasses;
 - the built-in NI-HI battery is available to provide power for almost 5 hours automatically when the power is turned off;

Alarm bezprzewodowy GSM10A

 In set:

 - base
 - two remote controls
 - wireless motion detector
 - wireless door detector
 - wired siren
 - fv or receipt (warranty basis)
 - Polish user manual for download - CLICK HERE

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Alarm bezprzewodowy GSM10A

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