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What bicycle accessories are necessary?

If you already have  bike  then you probably wonder what you can buy to make it more practical. A pump will definitely come in handy, it is a necessity article for a bike. What else? Or maybe we can tell you what is useful to us  on the occasion of bicycle trips ? In our opinion, it is a must  A wicker basket . If you buy the right one, you will see how convenient it is. It doesn't matter if you're riding a bike on a trip or maybe to the store for shopping, such basket  ideally suited here and here. It is roomy and it looks beautiful.

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 Contrary to popular belief such a basket  can safely be used too on a men's bike , it all depends on what you transport in it.

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Wicker basket for bicycles is an irreplaceable gadget for trips

choosing bicycle basket  let's pay attention primarily to the attachment of such a basket. The best are simple, not requiring screwing and laborious fastening. Riding a bicycle  for shopping, you can quickly remove the basket and take it with you to the store.

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 Ours presented here  A wicker basket  is very roomy, you can put up to 6 kilos in it. It was made of decent wicker and has a strong comfortable handle.

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 Fastening is one CLICK, literally. Thanks to the quick click connector, you can remove the basket quickly  or put it on the handlebar of the bike. Comfort and appearance go hand in hand in this product.

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