Syma X11C drone with HD 2MP white camera

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Is this a gift for a father or a child?

Dron Syma X11C kamera HD z pilotem

Toy for young and old, for children and parents-drone Quadcopter X11C

X11C quadcopter  Syma is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a universal model that both amateur and professional can play with. One that you can fly in any place and conditions. Its lightweight design and small size make it extremely mobile and can be taken anywhere.

 Due to its design and use for the production of high quality materials model of this drone  it is extremely durable and resistant, it will not be hurt by falls and bumps. The rotor blades made of flexible plastic also make them durable and the risk of breakage is minimal.

Dron Syma X11C kamera HD biały

 To everyone  drone we attach a 4GB memory card that allows you to record images from built-in HD camera .

Why is this drone better than others?

X11C quadcopter  created  Syma company , and it is a known and reputable brand on the modeling market that finds recognition even among more advanced users. Syma X11C  has a 6-axis stabilization system (gyroscope), and it makes it machine  it is agile and manoeuvrable, and at the same time stable in flight.

The drone has been equipped with a camera  2 MP, thanks to which you can take photos and record videos at any time.

Dron Syma X11C kamera HD z oświetleniem led

 Anti-interference protection enables  control of many objects at the same time. The battery is charged using a device equipped with a USB output and directly from the remote control. Syma X11C presented, this  rc model  RTF type, it means that it is ready to fly right out of the box, and all you need is 4 AA batteries for the transmitter (you can buy them in our store).

Dron czterośmigłowy Syma z kamerą

Its stability and ease of control is trouble-free operation even for those who have never had contact with such objects before.  Drone control  is done using a modern 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter that uses Spread Spectrum Technology (SST), which makes the range much larger.

Wymiary drona Syma X11C w kolorze białym

Syma X11C, except that  years in every direction , can also perform  aerial acrobatics , among others coups, spirals and "barrel turning".
The drone has 2 flight modes (changeable with a button on the remote control), the first free - for amateur and the second fast - for advanced. The response to control is 100 times faster than that of traditional remote controls with a frequency of 27/40 MHz.
 The LEDs mounted in it are an effective look and the ability to fly it after dark.
Wysokość drona X11C marki Syma

 - Syma X11C
 - 4-channel 2.4Ghz control apparatus
 - 3.7V 200mAh LiPo battery
 - 4GB memory card
 - The card reader
 - USB cable for charging the model
 - Set of spare propellers (4 pieces)
 - User manual PL
 - Fv or receipt (warranty basis)

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