Parking sensors with LED display CPX-4L


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The parking sensor system we offer will help you park in the most difficult places, both during the day and at night, regardless of the weather conditions.

Czujniki parkowania

 Central unit made of high quality electronic components and durable housing. The display has a built-in speaker and LED panel indicating the distance and the right / left side where the obstacle is located. The small discreet casing gives it a modern look, while it blends in perfectly with the interior of the vehicle.

Czujniki parkowania

 Ultrasonic sensors are waterproof, painted in black gloss, have a collar, thanks to which you can freely adjust the angle of the sensor. Each plug of both the buzzer and the sensors has a housing so as not to damage the wires during connection and operation. The set also includes a 22mm drill necessary to make a hole in the bumper and step-by-step assembly instructions in Polish, so it takes about 30 minutes.

Czujniki parkowania

 The kit includes:
 - central unit
 - LED display
 - 4 ultrasonic sensors
 - power cord
 - drill bit
 - package
 - FV or receipt (warranty basis)

Below PHOTO REAL  set sold:


Alarm distance:1.55m - 0.35m
Certificates: CE
Sound alarm:> 50dB
Tension:DC 12V

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