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Don't eavesdrop, because you can hear about yourself

Podsłuch dyktafon pendrive

Are you looking for a different voice recorder?

Such  small voice recorder  dressed up as a pendriva brings to mind spy movies. And today, with easy access to all kinds of spy articles, such a movie can turn out to be a reality. A device or object that you do not attach to everyday attention because it is part of your everyday life, maybe  hide wiretapping  be a mini camera. But not everyone recording device  is a spy article, sometimes it's just plain ordinary voice recorder hidden in a pendrive . Two in one for your convenience. Records and stores data . Then just connect to the computer and we can copy the entire lecture or presentation.

Podsłuch dyktafon pendrive

Digital voice recorder hidden in memory stick

Such dictaphone not only will it be used for recording, but immediately for storing data. Mini digital voice recorder  was made of very good quality materials, it is a product that will not fall apart in a few days after use. After connecting to the computer, the device behaves like a normal USB stick. This voice recorder will allow you to discreet voice recording  in every situation. Very easy to use, just move the slider to the ON position and recording will start immediately. Built-in high-quality polymer battery allows you to work for 4 hours without charging.

Podsłuch dyktafon pendrive

 User manual:
 First insert the memory card into the device (you should hear a slight click, then the card is inserted correctly). Then switch the button to the "ON" position, the flashing blue LED means that the device has started recording. If the LED is not flashing, the pendrive should be charged. In order to charge, the device should be connected to the computer and left for several minutes (the OFF button should be turned on during charging). Then just restart the device with the ON button and check if the blue LED is flashing, if it is flashing, the device has started recording. To listen to the recording, connect the object to the computer


Battery:Built-in high quality polymer
Charging form: USB 1.1 / 2.0
Charging time: about 2 hours
Dimensions:70mm x 21mm x 9.4mm
Functions:ordinary pen drive - the ability to transfer data
File format:WAV, recording quality 128kbps
Operation: memory cards - up to 32GB (does not have its own memory)
Supported operating systems: ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8 / Mac OS / Linux
Weight: 13g
Working time: up to 4 hours

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