RGB R22C LED disco projector


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Color your world with color and sound

Projektor disco LED RGB

Are you looking for something to turn up the party? A disco lamp is a great resourceful one

This is a small gadget that will delight your guests. It will be perfect for adults dancers  and for small party participants. Instead of decorating the room with streamers and inflatable balloons, color it  three-colored light.  Replace the usual room, in  disco room  from the eighties. these  lamps  They are suitable for premises, clubs, restaurants, but also for home use.

Projektor disco LED RGB

 Inexpensive, small, easy to store and whenever you are the party organizer it will be a reliable companion of your dances.  Disco lamp  it can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling, and it can also be placed on a flat surface.

Projektor disco LED RGB

Three colorful disco lamp

Disco lamp , ideal for home parties and larger parties organized in premises. This  LED disco projector  RGB R22C will generate automatic lighting program  through built-in diodes. LEDs give an amazing light effect in a dark room. 48 LED lights that rotate and flickering will ensure spectacular for everyone  light effects . LEDs emit lights in three different colors; sixteen red LEDs, sixteen green and sixteen blue. The projector is lightweight, made entirely of plastic.

Projektor disco LED RGB

 Voice activated device.


Assembly:Wall and ceiling mounting possible
Control mode: Auto (voice activated)
Colour: 3 RGB LED colors - red, green, blue
Dimensions:13 x 13 x 4 cm
Input voltage:85-265V, 50-60Hz
Material: Plastics
Number of leds: 48x 5mm (16 red, 16 blue, 16 green)

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