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Bezprzewodowa stacja pogodowa KEMOT URZ3216
We want to know the temperature outside without leaving the desk? Nothing simpler;) The station shows the temperature and humidity inside and outside. It has a pressure sensor and is able to forecast the weather with high accuracy. Shows the phase of the moon. Calculates the felt temperature. It functions as an alarm clock. All this in a colorful frame.
See the video presentation:
Bezprzewodowa stacja pogodowa KEMOT URZ3216
- High quality color display (VFD)
- Barometric weather forecast - options: sun, partly cloudy, overcast, rain, storm
- Pressure indicator (historical and forecast)
- Humidity indicator
- Dew point and heat index
- Moon phase animation
- Alarm clock with calendar
- Internal temperature: 0 C to + 50 C (+320 F to +1220 F)
- Humidity: 20% - 99% RH
- External sensor: -20 C to +60 C (-40 F to +1400 F)
- Channels: possibility of connecting max. 3 sensors
- Transmission: up to 30M (98 ft.) In open RF434 MHz area
- Resolution: 0.1 degree C for temperature, 1% for humidity
- Tolerance: the tolerance for temperature measurement is 1.50 C.
- Power supply: 7.5V adapter and 2 LR44 batteries for the main unit
- 2 AAA batteries for the sensor
- Dimensions: 217x72x55

The device is great as an alarm clock with a weather station for the bedroom. Personally, I used this station in the work room and I am completely satisfied with the operation. The photo below is a photo of my desk at home;)
Bezprzewodowa stacja pogodowa KEMOT URZ3216

 After a small reorganization, the station ceased to be needed, but it is fully operational so it can still be used by someone. traces of use can only be seen by the external sensor, which has become yellow from the sun and the display on it is illegible. Honestly, I have never looked at this display since everything is elegantly visible at the main station;). The set includes what you can see in the photo below:

 - Main station
 - Wireless outdoor sensor
 - Power Supply

 As the device is used, it only gives a start guarantee of 14 days.

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