Parking sensors with CPX-4B buzzer

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The parking sensor system we offer will help you park in the most difficult places, both during the day and at night, regardless of the weather conditions.

Czujniki parkowania z buzzerem


 Central unit made of high quality electronic components and durable housing.

 The Buzzer has a protective metal cover that gives it a modern look when the loudspeaker is installed in a visible place. Ultrasonic sensors are waterproof, painted in black gloss, have a collar, thanks to which you can freely adjust the angle of the sensor. Each plug of both the buzzer and the sensors has a housing so as not to damage the wires during connection and operation. Each detector is properly described as shown in the pictures.

Czujniki parkowania z buzzerem

 The set also includes a 22mm drill necessary to make holes in the bumper and step-by-step assembly instructions in Polish, so it takes about 30 minutes.

 - voltage: DC 12V;
 - voice alarm:> 50dB;
 - alarm distance: 1.55m - 0.35m;
 - CE certificate;

Czujniki parkowania z buzzerem

 The kit includes:
 - central unit;
 - buzzer / buzzer;
 - 4 ultrasonic sensors;
 - power cord;
 - drill bit;
 - instruction manual and assembly in Polish;
 - package;
 - Fv or receipt (warranty basis).

Czujniki parkowania z buzzerem

 "Go back ... go back boldly ... Now look what you did"

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