Rangefinder UT391 Distance meter up to 60m

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You do not want to run with a meter in addition, you forgot how much was the previous measurement?

Dalmierz UT391 Miernik dystansu do 60m

The rangefinder is a smart device that will tell you how far it fits and how much volume it has ...

Are you wondering if you need a device that stands still? you will determine the distance  to the object or you will measure the surface  the garden? Maybe you are an architect, a forester or do orienteering? Sometimes at home you don't know if this sofa will enter this niche in the bedroom? What length of curtains do you need in the living room and how much paint do you need to buy for a room of such and size? Or maybe you are just starting the adventure with hunting? Maybe you need to determine if the fence stands in the right distance from the neighbor's garage? You do not know  how much volume  has a water tank, do you build something and do you work as an architect and helper? In all these situations, it will be your irreplaceable helper rangefinder.

Dalmierz UT391 Miernik dystansu do 60m

UNI-T rangefinders are meters with high accuracy

enable distance measurement , volume and surface area. They are small, easy to use and reliable.  measurement  is done by means of a laser beam, which is sent towards the object, bounces and returns a  the device calculates the distance he beat.

Dalmierz UT391 Miernik dystansu do 60m


 Indirect measurements from Pythagoras
 Addition / subtraction
 Continuous measurement
 Max / min function
 Multi-line display
 White backlight
 Support for external calibration
 Automatic hold function

Dalmierz UT391 Miernik dystansu do 60m

 Included with the case meter, batteries, Polish manual, written warranty for the Polish service, fv or receipt.

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