Emergency power supply, inverter Intex KOM0312 600W

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Sudden lack of power means that the heating systems are not secure

Inverter Intex KOM0312 600W

Do you have equipment that requires continuous power?

He needs a lot of equipment to make our lives easier constant power supply.  And what to do in the event of a sudden breakdown, when at home we have a fireplace with a water jacket or a solid fuel boiler in the basement? This is not only about the comfort of continuous warmth in the apartment or access to hot water. There are safety reasons here. At the moment pump off  which pumps water, the fluid heats up more and more and the pressure in the whole system increases. I think everyone can imagine what this threatens. Fortunately, we can avoid this risk and stock up on emergency power source.

Inverter Intex KOM0312 600W

Do you want to avoid costly equipment repairs caused by power outages?

Inverter Intex KOM0312 600W  will ensure you a safe sleep.

 Due to the pure sinusoidal waveform of the output voltage, the device ensures stable operation and no overheating of induction loads such as pumps and fans. Together with the 12V battery it is a complete 230 VAC guaranteed power supply device.  Power supply equipped  is in a battery protection system against complete discharge. Included with emergency power supply  you'll get cables to connect the battery (battery not included), Polish user manual and FV or receipt (warranty basis).

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