20A VS2024 EpSolar charging controller with LCD


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Regulator ładowania 20A VS2024 EpSolar

Charging regulator necessary in solar systems

20A VS2024 controller  is intended for off-grid systems . What systems are these? It's a system used by those who want to be completely  become independent of electricity suppliers.  In such a system, apart from other components, batteries are an essential element. And to charge the batteries so that they do not get damaged quickly and, which is very important, in order to minimize energy losses you need suitable charge regulator.  In short, its main task is battery overcharge protection  and too deep discharge. Working with the regulator translates into extending the battery life and of course increasing the efficiency of the entire system.

Regulator ładowania 20A VS2024 EpSolar

Benefits of using a charge regulator

A device used between the solar battery and the battery. To keep the battery fully charged and prevent it from overcharging, you must have a charge regulator. These devices may differ in the voltage with which they work and the maximum current that can flow through them. The benefits we have as a result of using regulators are above all longer battery life , its larger capacity, reduced disconnection frequency, voltage drop regulation and 20% -30% more energy from solar panels !  20A VS2024 controller  has the maximally optimized charging process, which translates into longer battery life and, consequently, increased efficiency of the entire system. Advanced self-diagnostics and electronic security functions protect the system against errors when connecting the controller and various failures.

Regulator ładowania 20A VS2024 EpSolar

The main advantages of the regulator:

- automatic recognition of system voltage
 - high-efficiency PWM charging, ensuring extended battery life
 - day / night recognition function
 - liquid crystal display showing system operation (Voltage and current flowing from panels, battery charge status, energy consumption by receivers)
 - protection against: overheating, overcharging, too deep discharge, reverse connection of the panel and the battery


Battery charging current:MAX 20 A.
Charging voltage:14.6 / 29,2V
Disconnection of receivers at voltage:11.1 / 22.2 V
Dimensions:162x100x50 mm
Landing:Boost 14.2 / 28.4 V
Tension:12V / 24V AUTO

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