20A ET2415N charging controller with MPPT


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The Most Advanced 20A Charge Controller with MPPT function (maximum power point tracking function)

Regulator ładowania ET2415N

 Advanced regulator with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) designed for off-grid systems up to 1040W. The controller is equipped with an intelligent algorithm that allows maximum use of the power supplied by the panel. This is possible thanks to the very fast finding of the MPPT point in all weather conditions. The device ensures efficiency up to 98%. Thanks to the built-in memory, it is possible to save the controller working parameters even from 450 days of operation and then copy the data to a computer via a LAN or RS232 connection

 The regulator's unique function is the ability to connect it to a computer and analyze saved data from a web browser. Data from 450 days back, for inspection, including:
 - battery voltage [V]
 - charging power [W]
 - generated energy [kWh]
 - battery level [%]
 - voltage on modules [v]

Regulator ładowania ET2415N

 The main advantage of the controller is the function of tracking the maximum power point. This function ensures an increase in energy yields even above 30%. The controller, depending on the voltage supplied by the panel, is able to adjust the operating parameters in a way that minimizes energy losses. The advanced tracking algorithm allows the panel to operate at the voltage in which it produces the most energy. Then the high voltage flowing from the panels is reduced to the expected level (12/24/36 or 48V). In addition, thanks to the MPPT function, we gain the ability to connect panels in series to obtain higher voltages and thereby reduce the cable cross-section between the panels and the controller.

Regulator ładowania ET2415N

 Main product features
 - 98% conversion efficiency
 - Automatic voltage recognition
 - Overcharge protection
 - Deep discharge protection
 - Protection against reverse polarity
 - Automatic fuse
 - Protection against excessive voltage of modules
 - Reverse current protection at night
 - Voltage regulation
 - Maximum power point tracking function
 - Overload protection
 - Automatic power recovery after recharging the battery


Battery charging current:20A
Battery voltage:72V
Cable section:10mm2
Communication:RS232, LAN
Dimensions:169x 118x 83 mm
Mounting holes:160x 80 mm
Own consumption:1,4-2,2W
Output voltage:from panels: 150 VDC
Power:12V / 260W, 24V / 520W, 36V / 780W, 48V / 1040W
Relative humidity:10 - 90% NC
Storage temperature:from -30'C to 80'C
System voltage:12V / 24V / 36V / 48V DC auto
Working conditions:Parameter
Weight:0.95 kg
Working temperature:from - 24`C to 55'C

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