Alarm with infrared sensor BLOW HS-300 1747

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Early warning system

Alarm/Dzwonek z czujnikiem podczerwieni

Don't be surprised, install the infrared sensor

Infrared sensor  it is one of the elements of the modern signaling system. Reacts to movement  in the zone he supervised. Motion sensors are divided into two main groups: passive and active.  Blow detector  The HS-300 1747 is a passive detector because it is not a source of infrared radiation, it only analyzes the radiation of other bodies. Such detectors are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and adjust sensitivity and have relatively  high immunity to false alarms . these alarms  is a great solution for any store, wholesaler or magazine. Being far from the entrance, busy with something else, you will soon be informed by sound of an incoming customer. Infrared sensor  in the alarm system it is designed to detect the movement of the intruder and not react to phenomena other than the movement of the intruder.

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Alarm/Dzwonek z czujnikiem podczerwieni

An alarm with an infrared sensor is a very useful device

This is a small box with great possibilities. It's a sensor that will scare off unwanted intruders or inform you about the arrival of a guest. Powered by four batteries it will sound loud alarm sound  with a strength of 105 decibels, you can easily hear it even from a distance (for comparison, the sound made by a chainsaw is 110 decibels). In addition, such a detector can also be used, as a ringtone . During installation, neither cables nor any other dedicated installations are needed. It is possible to connect an external DC 6V power supply (the adapter and batteries are not included).

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