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Bingo series for years it has been the unquestioned leader position of about d all connector series about in and outlets available in Poland - is also very popular in our online store. Round and fashionable shape and comfortable about Due to the high price, this series quickly gained recognition in the eyes of the customer about in who look for the best price-quality ratio when shopping.

Przycisk "dzwonek" WPt-7B 01

Application of the series

The Bingo series products are successfully used in all types of buildings - both in detached houses, blocks of flats, as well as offices or public buildings. An additional advantage of the Bingo series is the possibility of cooperation with the mini-channel system and (after applying the appropriate bases) convenient wall mounting.

The Bingo range includes:

- switches with or without backlight,

- dimmer,

- single and double sockets with or without grounding,

- single and double "schuko" sockets,

- IP 44 splashproof sockets,

- RTV sockets,

- RJ11 single and double telephone sockets,

- triple socket.

The product shown is a bell button from the Bingo series. This is a classic, universal switch, one of the most popular devices of this type in our homes, which has proven itself for years and practically does not change form. The Bingo button bell is durable, reliable and available at an exceptional price. Take him to your home!

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