Crayon masking scratches on the car body


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Your heart is breaking, how do you look at it?

How to mask a scratch on varnish?

Are you desperately looking for something that will destroy evidence of your "crime"? Do you want to get rid of it before your partner sees your treasure scratched or your heart breaks at the sight of scratches on your beloved car? Here it will be salvation  crayon masking scratches on the varnish.  This is a product that will allow get rid of minor bodywork damage  cars such as scratches, scratches, abrasions or chipping.  Let's remember, however, that the crayon does not cover up any damage caused to the metal, will only cover scratches on the varnish.  We have to go to the varnish with deep scratches. This retouching pencil  it is a rescue for many drivers, but not only, with this crayon we will cover varnish defects on various objects.

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 - odorless and colorless
 - you can use it with any varnish
 - non-toxic
 - easy to use

How do you use nail polish?

Introducing the world-famous product -  FIX IT PRO . This  pencil for scratches , which thanks to UV rays fills and  compensates for damage to the varnish . We must remember one thing, filling the scratches with a pencil does not give a long-lasting effect, we have to use it again after several washes of varnish. In order for the coverage to be effective, we should prepare our vehicle for it. Wash thoroughly and dry then degrease the surface scratched with spirit. Before using, the pencil should be shaken and then applied to the damaged area. The excess from the applicator should be wiped off with a dry cloth, finally polished everything gently. We leave the filling for 48 hours to dry thoroughly.


Colour: colorless
Drying time:1-48h
Water resistance:Yes

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