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Canva CB-278 AM / FM (Uniden) is in line with the latest trends in the construction of CB radio in Europe.
CB Radio Canva CB-278

 It is a superheterodyne with double frequency conversion, with PLL phase loop. To sum up, a very good radio (similar in parameters and equipment to the famous Uniden), small, with very good transmission and reception parameters, equipped with Automatic Squelch and RFGain and with channel change buttons placed in the microphone.

 CB278 is an improved version of the CB268 model, the radio is much better made than its predecessor and is equipped with an automatic squelch.

 The radio complies with all EU standards and has all necessary certificates, it does not require a license from the user.

CB Radio Canva CB-278

 Technical data:
 - Frequency range: 25.615 to 28.305 MHz
 - Number of channels: 40 FM / AM
 - Channel switch on the microphone
 - Frequency control: PLL phase loop
 - Working temperature: -10 / + 55 ° C
 - Power supply: 13.8V DC + - 15%
 - Black colour
 - External dimensions: 115x38x150 mm
 - Weight: 0.8 kg

 - Reception system: superheterodyne with double frequency conversion
 - Intermediate frequencies: 10.7 MHz and 450 kHz
 - Sensitivity: -120 dB SINAD FM; -107 dB SINAD AM
 - Audio output power: Min.2.0 W 8 Ohm
 - Audio distortion: below 8% 1 KHz
 - Standby power consumption: 220mA
 - Image rejection: 65dB
 - Neighbor channel: 85dB
 - Noise: 45dB

 - Output power: 4W at 13.8V DC
 - 50 Ohm antenna impedance
 - Modulation: AM: 85-90%; FM: 1.8 kHz + - 0.2 kHz
 - 50 Ohm antenna impedance
 - Maximum current consumption: 1.2A (without modulation)

CB Radio Canva CB-278

 Included :
 - Cb radio Canva CB-278
 - Microphone
 - Lighter plug
 - User manual PL
 - Mounting bracket
 - Fv or receipt (warranty basis)

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