Azusa SH-130 SD USB FM sound system


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No more hoarseness from speaking out loud

Przenośny zestaw nagłaśniający Azusa SH-130

Instead of a megaphone, buy a mobile sound system

There are situations when you need it very much speak loudly  and even shout. Now instead of dragging with a megaphone we can have  mobile sound system . What to look for when buying such a set? First of all, whether it has a battery, because it will not always be possible to connect to the socket. Coverage, because why limit yourself? Weight, because it is finally mobile equipment. The number of wired and wireless inputs and finally, the quality of workmanship. An important issue will also be whether the equipment will be used only indoors, or will there be situations where you have to shout in the open air?

Przenośny zestaw nagłaśniający Azusa SH-130

Use the Azusa SH130 FM sound system to amplify your voice

This set is of high quality portable sound system . Extremely useful during lectures, presentations, processions, competitions and various outdoor and indoor events. What characterizes this particular set? First of all, it is a light and durable housing. Low power consumption and built-in battery with 9V battery charger.  Azus set has a protection against complete battery discharge. The device is powered from AC as well as DC. Tone control function and independent volume control . wireless microphone  and digital echo control are extremely useful functions in such sets. Azusa additionally equipped amplifier  6.5mm jack input for  dynamic wired microphone , AUX input, AUX output and speaker output. The amplifier plays MP3 files from SD cards and USB sticks. Built-in FM radio  it's just the icing on the cake.

Przenośny zestaw nagłaśniający Azusa SH-130


 • Lightweight, compact and durable housing
 • Low energy consumption
 • Power supply from AC as well as DC.
 • Built-in battery with 9V battery charger
 • Protection against complete battery discharge
 • Tone control and independent volume control
 • Wireless microphone
 • 6.5mm jack input for a dynamic wired microphone
 • Digital echo control
 • AUX input
 • AUX output
 • Speaker output
 • Play MP3 files from SD cards and USB sticks
 • FM radio

 Contents of the package:
 • Main unit
 • Hand-held microphone
 • Car adapter (optional)
 • User manual


Dimensions:180 X 300 X 110 mm
Frequency range:VHF 174 ~ 216MHz
Maximum power: 50W max
Oscillating mode:Quartz control phase ± 0.005% blocked
Range:35 m
Sensitivity:10dB / µV (S / N:> 60dB)
Speakers: 16 cm, 10W / 4?

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