7 "tablet case with miniUSB keyboard

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You have a tablet, but it is not enough?

Can the keyboard case be used for any tablet?

Just what was needed choose a tablet  and type advice was sought everywhere; what size and type of screen will be the best? What housing is good, and does it matter? What tablet performance will I need? And connectivity and modules, what's this about ?? And now, having already dreamed of a sophisticated tablet, it turns out that something is missing with it. You don't like typing on the screen, emails are uncomfortable and slow and you prefer to click rather than finger. You don't have to bother anymore just throw it into the basket tablet case . Such a case, which is hidden inside a keyboard for your tablet.

Universal cover with tablet keyboard

Universal tablet cover with keyboard  Quer brand, rigid contoured, will effectively protect your tablet from damage. Case  has a stand, thanks to which it is possible to set the device in the position that facilitates writing, browsing the Internet, etc. The keyboard is connected to the tablet  with a mini USB cable. The cover has no restrictions on the sides. Perfectly fits seven-inch tablets . The keys on the keyboard are mounted very firmly, there is no impression of unnecessary slack. All  case including keyboard it is made very well with great attention to detail.


Dimensions: 22.5cm x 14cm
Fixing range:11cm - 12.5cm high.
Mounting:placed in the upper and lower part of the cover.
Signaling:work with diodes.
Size: 7 inches

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