Educational tablet Y-Pad ENGLISH toy for children

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Learning and playing in one

Tablet zabawka Y-Pad

Thanks to this tablet, your child will learn basic English words.

We all like ours children are learning something new  and when it comes to them easily and through fun, it's just an additional plus. It is such a toy tablet for learning English . Think how fast the child will learn words  or numbers if they are given in the form of fun. No coercion, no boring lettering in the book. Happy, colorful and easy. Child pointing out a given picture on a tablet learns pronunciation  given word and develops its own language skills . This y-pad is a private teacher who can encourage children to play involving different senses, organize fun and learning at the same time !.

Tablet zabawka Y-Pad

The Y-Pad ENGLISH educational tablet is a great gift idea

Great fun together with learning for every child. Your child will learn the basic words, learn the alphabet and counting, a sound exercises  develop word resources and familiarity with English . On this tablet, the child will learn the letters of the English alphabet, numbers, words and will test his knowledge. It's many different functions in one! The tablet has three modes of difficulty, so it can be adapted to the child's age, two question modes and four different modes of operation. The child will hear different things on it animal sounds , music, letters and words. The volume can be adjusted and the LED backlight facilitates visibility.
Tablet zabawka Y-Pad

Tablet functions:

 - 2 music modes
 - instrument sounds
 - letters and words
 - 3 difficulty modes,
 - 2 question modes,
 - 4 different modes of operation
 - animal sounds,
 - volume control,
 - LED backlight
ATTENTION!!! Illustrative photos, devices only available with a pink border.

Tablet zabawka Y-Pad

 - tablet
 - original packaging

Tablet zabawka Y-Pad
ATTENTION!!! Pictures should be treated as demonstrative because only Y-Pads in pink housing are on sale.

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