POWER-BANK 2600mAh solar charger + terminals. GSM, MP3 etc.

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Ładowarka solarna 2600mAh

Solar charger with a capacity of up to 2600mAh + LED flashlight. Excellent when traveling for business, vacation or home use.

Ładowarka solarna 2600mAh

 You can charge almost all portable devices with one charger: PDA, MP3, mobile phone, portable DVD player, digital camera and many more. It has a built-in LED flashlight - 3LED

WARNING!  - Black and red charger housings. There is no choice, it depends on the current delivery. Please count with the option of sending the black or red charger randomly.

Ładowarka solarna 2600mAh

 Technical Specifications:

 - 2600mAh lithium polymer battery
 - Solar panel with 0.8W, 5.5V, 150mA power
 - Device charging voltage: 4.5V, 5.5V, 6.5V, 9V (selectable) from 400-800mA
 - Charging voltage via AC 100-240V charger
 - Device charging time - 60 minutes (depends on the device)
 - Full battery charge / sun: approximately 15-17 hours
 - Battery / charger fully charged from USB: 5-7 hours
 - Weight about 124g
 - Dimensions 125x77x13mm

Ładowarka solarna 2600mAh


 - Solar charger
 - Cables and terminals visible on one of the photos
 - Fv or receipt (warranty basis)

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