LED spotlight 20W 6500K cold white light

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If you are looking for a reflector that shines with a bright, white, cold light, and saves money and is extremely durable, choose an 20 W ART reflector. Check what makes this product stand out!

Reflektor LED 20W

The reflector is safe for the environment and for people - it does not emit harmful UV and IR radiation.

The device emits little heat and consumes a small amount of electricity. Thanks to this, it helps to increase savings.

The 20 W LED SDM lamps mounted inside provide a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours!

The housing is made of materials that protect the interior of the headlight from the effects of weather, such as rain, frost, snow or wind. The reflector is waterproof.

Reflektor ARD LED 20W

The light output is 1,200 lumens and the viewing angle is 120 degrees.

The reflector provides white, cold light at a temperature of 6,500 K. It can be used e.g. in parking lots, in garages, on roads or in public spaces.

ART Reflektor LED o mocy 20W

Other technical parameters of the product:

Producer: ART

Manufacturer's symbol / designation: 4102060

Voltage: AC 80-265 V

Lamp width (mm): 180

Lamp height (mm): 140

Lamp depth (mm): 135

Other features: IP65 protection

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