10-wire telecommunications cable XZTKMXpw 5x2x0.5


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XzTKMXpw - telecommunication (T) local (K) cable (M), with foam polyethylene insulation with an outer layer of full polyethylene (Xp) and a polyethylene coating with a moisture barrier (Xz), filled (in)

 Cables are intended for building local telecommunications networks:
 - for connections of subscriber stations with the exchange
 - for telephone installation in industrial plants

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Center:insulated veins twisted in pairs with different twist pitch, pairs twisted into an estrofol-wrapped center
Colour:insulation: colors according to WT-97 / K-475/00, coatings: black, metered
Filling:hydrophobic gel
Moisture damage: aluminum tape covered on one or both sides with a layer of ethylene copolymer
Vein:solid copper wires
Vein isolation:foam polyethylene with an outer layer of uniform polyethylene

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