Rp sma gold plug for H1000 cable


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Used as an end for client and base antennas. This plug fits all standard PCI cards and Access Points.

Wtyk rpsma zaciskany na kablu H1000

What is the RP SMA plug for?

It is a connector used to connect devices using coaxial cables that transmit high-frequency signals. This plug fits all standard PCI cards and Access Points. And speaking in simpler language, RP SMA plugs are a module in creating e.g. a home computer network. This plug allows the use of the H-1000 cable without additional adapters to connect devices

Wtyk rpsma gold (pozłacany) na H1000

How do you install the RP SMA plug?

The plug is convenient to install, it can be installed without using a soldering iron. Soldering often caused a pin or sleeve to break. This plug can be installed by anyone. All you need is a RPSMA crimp tool.

 Why exactly RP SMA GOLD?
 Because it is a high-class golden connector. By buying RP SMA GOLD you can be sure of the smallest possible signal loss on the connector. These connectors are extremely convenient to install on the H-1000 cable. They are metal and inside they have a Teflon insulator - which ensures low losses, aesthetics and resistance to environmental influences.


Destiny:For cable: H1000
Type: straight

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