RGB LED bulb E27 16 colors with remote control

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Żarówka RGB LED E27

The LED color changing bulb is operated by a remote control. Just screw it on, turn on the light and we can change its color, light intensity or even turn it on or off without having to get up from the chair.

Żarówka RGB 16 kolorów

 The bulb has a standard E27 thread. There is no need to connect the reflector to the contact, just screw it into the socket of the bulb.

Żarówka wielokolorowa na pilot

 The bulb gives us the opportunity to choose from 16 colors, including white and several lighting modes, all with one remote control!

Żarówka led ze zmiennym swiatłem RGB plus pilot

 Technical specifications:
 Voltage: 12V DC.
 Viewing angle: 120 degrees.
 Power: 3W.
 Luminous Flux: RGB Light = 50 Lumen; White Light = 110 Lumen.
 Bulb diameter: 50mm.
 Several lighting modes switchable by remote control.

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