Professional VK TM-U02PT wireless microphones


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A set of two wireless microphones with a receiving station. The station has a separate volume control for both microphones which will allow you to individually adjust the microphone levels for our needs.
Stacja bezprzewodowa mikrofonów VK TM-U02PT
The microphones have a variable operating frequency thanks to which we can use several sets simultaneously in one place (the possibility of setting 64 variable frequencies). The base can be connected to the amplifier using a 6.3mm or XLR JACK cable. An additional advantage is the ability to connect microphones on two separate channels or connect the combined channels A and B
Profesjonalne mikrofony bezprzewodowe z zestawu VK TM-U02PT
The microphones have 3 modes of operation:
- Off
- MUTE (microphone is on but muted)
- Activated
The microphone is applicable to vocals, snare drum, percussion instruments, various types of guitars, and other wind instruments, and is often used in karaoke. The built-in windscreen will allow you to use the microphone without using an additional sponge without losing sound quality.
Opakowanie zestawu mikrofonów bezprzewodowych VKTM-U02PT
Microphones - 2 pcs
Receiving station.
Audio jack-to-jack cable.
Zestaw dwóch mikrofonów bezprzewodowych ze stacją odbiorczą.
Frequency range: 730 - 865 MHz
Frequency stability: <0.002%
Sensitivity: 2.5μV at 12dB sinad
Signal output: XLR 3 pin (0.3V)
Power supply: 12-18V DC
Dimensions: 210 x 140 x 42 mm
Frequency range: 730 - 865 MHz
Frequency stability: <0.002%
Modulation type: FM
Maximum power: 30 mW
Mute level: -50dB
Power supply: 2 x AA 1.5V
Maximum working time: 8 hours
Dimensions: 50 x 240 mm
Frequency band: 50 - 16000 Hz
Signal / noise ratio:> 90dB
Distortion: THD & lt; 1%


Band: Audio frequencies 50 - 16000 Hz
Dimensions:Receiver 210 x 140 x 42 mm Transmitter 50 x 240 mm
Distortion:Audio THD <1%
Frequency stabilization:Receiver <-0.002% Transmitter <-0.002%
Frequency range:730 - 865 MHz receiver. 730 - 865 MHz transmitter
Sensitivity: Receiver 2.5μV at 12dB sinad
Signal / noise distance:Audio> 90dB
Signal output: XLR 3 pin receiver (0.3V)
Working time:8 hours transmitter

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