Eldom C110 0.6L 800W wireless tourist kettle

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Dzbanek bezprzewodowy Eldom C110

Do you need a mobile kettle? Buy Eldom C110 travel kettle

Water can be boiled in various vessels only, why combine when there are plenty of kettles on the market? We can choose from shapes, colors, functions, sizes and lots of different options. But if you usually prepare  tea for one , up to three people choose it Eldom kettle  with a capacity of 0.6 liters. Why boil a lot of water and waste electricity to boil a liter if you need a glass of boiling water? AND the size of such a kettle it is also extremely useful if you go to a quarters where there are deficiencies in tableware or there are more people willing to use one kettle.

Czajnik elektryczny Eldom C110

Speed, convenience and low price - Eldom kettle

Bet on comfort and convenience, choose an Eldom electric kettle  C110. Don't waste time and boil water quickly. This  energy-saving teapot  with 800 power will let you quickly boil the water  for two people. Its small size and low power consumption make it an excellent choice for frequent travelers, for those who are economical or who pay a lot of attention to an ecological lifestyle. The kettle has a mesh filter that stops small impurities, a large water level indicator and a triple safety system. When the liquid boils, the kettle will switch off immediately.

Eldom C110 Elektryczny czajnik bezprzewodowy

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