CB radio Legalny Uniden M-Tech Legend I

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M-Tech Legend is a radio based on the highly valued Uniden design, but unlike the original, it is approved for use in our country. The receiver is equipped with basic functions: sensitivity adjustment, squelch, AM / FM modulation. The radio is multi-standard, so it can work in any European country. In terms of transmission and reception quality, this radio can compete with other more expensive models up to two and three times. The radio has a Uniden disc, equivalent to Uniden PRO505XL.

CB radio M-Tech Legend I

 - Thanks to the RF-Gain knob you can adjust the sensitivity of the receiver.
 - At the top of the pear we will find buttons to switch channels.
 - The radio has been programmed with standards for European countries (standard: PL, E, d, d2, EU, EC, U), which allows you to quickly adapt the operating parameters of the radio to the regulations in force in a given country.

 The radio can work in both AM and FM modulation, which is characterized by a much better quality of transmission and is useful especially when talking stations are close together (e.g. cars driving in a column). FM modulation is often used in Western European countries.

M-Tech Legend I widok z tyłu

Opakowanie CB Radia M-Tech Legend I

 Set contains:

 - CB radio Legend I radio
 - microphone
 - mounting bracket
 - microphone pendant
 - spare fuse
 - mounting screws
 - instruction in Polish
 - 24 months warranty card
 - Declaration of Conformity
 - VAT invoice or receipt

Mikrofonogłośnik Radia CB M-Tech Legend I


Channels:40 AM, 40 FM
Dimensions: Width: 125mm, Height: 45mm, Depth: 168mm
Filter: ANL Automatic interference filter
Frequency: 26.960 MHz -27.400 MHz
Memory: channel - 19
Modulation:AM, FM, crossover -> 45 dB
Output power:4W
Power consumption:Transmitter - 1.6 A, Receiver - 300 mA
Sensitivity: 20 dB SINAD - 1.0 uV, noise block - 0.3 uV
Tension:10.8 - 13.8 V

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