TP-Link TL-WN727N WiFi card 150Mbps 802.1b / g / n

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Featured features:

- High transmission speed in the N standard up to 150Mbps ensures smooth video transmission and making phone calls via the Internet
 - The QSS button allows you to easily set up an encrypted connection
 - Work in Windows XP / Vista / 7

Product use

Wireless USB adapter TL-WN727N operating in accordance with the N standard allows you to connect your computer or laptop to the wireless network providing access to fast internet connection. The speed of wireless transmission in the N standard is up to 150 Mb / s, which allows smooth video transmission or the use of online games.

Stable wireless transmission - transmission speed in the N standard up to 150Mbps

Operating in accordance with the IEEE 802.11n standard, the TL-WN727N device reduces signal losses caused by large distances or obstacles (steel or concrete walls of company or apartment buildings). In addition, unlike the 11g standard solutions, it is possible to create a long distance connection to a wireless network.

 Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) technology automatically avoids channel conflicts to increase wireless performance.

Button activating the set of secure connection

Working in accordance with the Wi-Fi Protected Setup ™ (WPS) standard, the TL-WN727N supports the Quick Security Setup function by allowing users to automatically set up a secured wireless connection by pressing the QSS button. Compared to WEP encryption, using the WPS2 encryption method ensures greater network security. This solution is not only faster compared to the traditional configuration, but also much more convenient (you don't have to remember any password).

WPA / WPA2 encryption - advanced network protection

WEP encryption is no longer the best protection for Wi-Fi connections against outside-network attacks. The TL-WN727N card supports the WPA / WPA2 encryption standard created by the WI-FI Alliance industry group to protect the WLAN against external threats.

Simple operation thanks to the software on the CD
The TL-WN727N card comes with a CD with an installation wizard that allows you to configure wireless network settings, such as data security or wireless connection settings. This makes it easier to operate the device even for novice users.


- Wireless data transmission speed in the N standard up to 150Mbps; smooth video transmission, making phone calls via the Internet and using online games
 - The QSS button allows you to easily set up an encrypted connection
 - 64/128 bit WEP encryption, WPA / WPA2 / WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK (TKIP / AES), IEEE 802.1X compliant
 - Compatible with Windows XP 32 / 64bit., Vista 32 / 64bit., Windows 7 32 / 64bit.
 - Support for ad-hoc modes and infrastructure
 - X-link connection support for Sony PSP for network games in Windows XP
 - Easy Setup Assistant software allows convenient and quick installation
 - Compatibility with all devices operating in the 802.11n / b / g standard

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